IQF fruit - deep-frozen currant
IQF currant - black, red


  • IQF currant - Whole, single fruits
  • Quality: 1st class for cakes, 2nd class for fruit purees


Decoration, pies, fruit preparations, ice creams and sorbets, fruit salads, yoghurts and frozen yoghurt, jams, sweets, fruit toppings and fillings, cream cheese, fruit pastes, fruit mousses, sauces and purees, milk shakes, smoothies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc…

Available packages

Packages available - plastic trays 150gr-750gr

Plastic trays
(150 - 750 gram)

Packages available - cardboard boxes 200gr-450gr

Cardboard boxes
(200 - 450 gram)

Packages available - PE bags 0.3kg - 3.5kg

PE bags
(0,3 - 3,5 kilogram)

Packages available - cardboard boxes 5kg-14kg

Cardboard boxes
(5 - 14 kilogram)

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