Established in 2007, cold storage “Miker Produkt” has specialized in supplying a wide range of healthy deep frozen fruits for different purposes such as decoration, pies, fruit preparations, ice creams and sorbets, fruit salads, yoghurts and frozen yoghurt, jams, sweets, fruit toppings and fillings, cream cheese, fruit pastes, fruit mousses, sauces and purees, milk shakes, smoothies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc….

Our cold storage is leading supplier of bulk IQF fruit, supplying to leading distributors and wholesellers who export our high quality fruits all over Europian Union. Also, we can offer manufacturing and private label services to leading FMCG companies and resellers.

The product range includes high quality individually quick frozen fruits:

  • IQF raspberries,
  • IQF blackberries,
  • IQF plums,
  • IQF cherries,
  • IQF currants and
  • organic apples at very competetive price.

We supply conventional fruits, and fruits that are certified organic and free from pesticides and chemicals.

Cold storage “Miker Produkt” offers IQF raspberries as our main product. Deep frozen raspberry is an antioxidant superfood, contains a high amount of powerful antioxidants that support the body and fight inflammation and are also a great source of fiber. The raspberries are prepared for consumption or further processing and packed in a range of sizes including:

  • plastic trays (150g – 750g),
  • cardboard boxes (200g – 450g),
  • PE bags (0.3kg – 3.5kg) and
  • large cardboard boxes (5kg – 14kg).

The company offers both conventional and organically produced raspberries.


Production & Harvesting Process
The company operates a large ISO 22000 certified cold storage facility in Serbia, where fresh produce is received from reputable local producers and processed. The fruits are classed using high tech laser sorting machine TOMRA BLIZZARD 640 to ensure precision and accuracy. The fruits are then placed in static tunnels to be frozen. The frozen fruit is available all year round, however, peak harvesting occurs from mid June to mid August.


Quality Control
The company controls the supply chain from farm to factory, ensuring that quality standards are met. Over and above state quality standards, the company has attained a ISO 22000 and HACCP certification to the standards of its primary market – the EU.


Storage & Logistics
The company has a large onsite storage facility with a capacity of 1200 tons and products are kept frozen at -18 degrees celsius. The packaging is catered for the retail market in pouches and can also be packaged in bulk for the wholesale market using fully recyclable bags.

Cold Storage Serbia - IQF Raspberry